About eRequest

The executive team at eRequest LLC possesses decades of experience in developing document management software in every industry segment. These collective experiences, innovations, and successes have been pooled into eRequest LLC. Our corporate, entrepreneurial, educational, and legal legacies are core to the company's past and future successes, driven by constant innovation and a need for excellence. We are proud to earn the privilege of serving our client community one day at a time. Learn more about our team below.


Stephen Manske, Founder and Chairman

Stephen Manske, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Steve's entrepreneurial activities have spawned six successful startups. His early corporate training and senior management roles at marquee Fortune 500 companies engenders a unique blend of product and business experience and visionary leadership to eRequest LLC. He brings a 30-year legacy of architecting innovative, best-of-breed document control solutions to meet stringent security and compliance requirements in the banking, brokerage, insurance, and healthcare industries. His leadership role at eRequest LLC is to leverage his technology and compliance know-how to re-engineering meaningful digital interactions between patients and the Healthcare Provider community.



Angela Ford, Chief Executive Officer

​Angela Ford, Chief Executive Officer

Education: B.A. Psychology, English, Stephen F. Austin University.

With a diversified career in both higher education and business, Angela boasts an array of expertly honed skills in marketing, customer service, compliance, product development, communications, team management, and workflow processes. She has an especially keen interest in transforming ideas and concepts into viable solutions and products. Her intellect, people skills, and innovative approach to problem solving have been key contributors to client acquisition and unparalleled levels of Provider and Patient satisfaction with eRequest LLC products and services. As CEO, she charts the company’s future growth strategy and actively guides the product/service components needed to feed that growth strategy.



William Pomerance, Esq, Chairperson and Chief Legal Officer

​William Pomerance, Esq, Founder, Chairperson, & Chief Legal Officer

As an early pioneer in document management software, Bill has spent 40 years providing innovative solutions for every facet of the collection, management, and secure electronic delivery of patient medical records. Having founded five successful startups, Bill is a recognized visionary in the healthcare industry, possessing a truly forward-thinking intellect. Bill is responsible for guiding eRequest LLC into new and expanding market opportunities within the healthcare industry. Having earned his J.D. from Concord Law School (Purdue University) in 2006, Bill is a member of the Federal Court of D.C.



Debbie Harrison, SVP Outsourcing Services

​Debbie Harrison, SVP Outsourcing Services

Debbie has a long, distinguished career in the healthcare industry, managing outsourcing services for provider-clients of varying size and type, ranging from large hospital systems to single-doctor practices. Applying her exceptional organizational skills, Debbie oversees both remote and onsite fulfillment staffs with impressive precision and efficiency. Just as important, Debbie possesses an exceptional affinity for guaranteeing that our provider-clients enjoy the highest level of service available. She embraces the philosophy that eRequest LLC must earn client loyalty each and every day. As Senior Vice President of Outsourcing Services, Debbie achieves the ultimate balance of maximum compliance and fastest turnaround time in the industry.



 Andrew Pomerance, Chief Information Officer

​Andrew Pomerance, Founder & Chief Information Officer

Education: Ph.D. Physics, University of Maryland, 2009; M.S./B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2002.

After completing his Ph.D., Andrew worked at Raytheon Applied Signal Technology developing radar detection and tracking algorithms. During this time, he was granted Patent 9,188,666 and won a Raytheon Innovation Challenge IRAD award for novel concepts. He was an industry leader in developing scientific software and developing machine learning algorithms for customers in the cybersecurity, finance, and medical industries. His continued contributions to eRequest LLC spearheads the company's future product strategies.



Colin McCann, Chief Data Scientist, Chief Operations Officer

​Colin McCann, Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Education: Ph.D. Physics, University of Maryland, 2011; B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Florida, 2004.

Before joining eRequest LLC, Colin was a research scientist at Decisive Analytics Corporation developing nonlinear algorithms for Department of Defense customers. Additionally, algorithms he developed as part of his doctoral studies spawned a software toolkit that has been used successfully by key research groups to gather information from multiple types of real-world data. Since 2015, he has developed and integrated image processing software into our healthcare-related commercial product TRIMSNet, which is used by over 300 Providers.