Outsourcing Services


In addition to its “Best of Breed” software solutions, eRequest LLC offers ROI and Disability Forms outsourcing services. eRequest LLC, unlike its competitors, maintains an open-book policy of sharing all revenue intake with its Provider clients as shown in the sample Monthly Summary Report here. We take patient calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week and respond by phone, email or text within 2 hours of each call. After all, patients are a Provider's most important asset and deserve to be treated as such.

We do business differently:

  • ​Full operational and financial transparency to our clients: comprehensive report library (30+ standard reports) to review every element of the processing workflow, billing, collection, request turnaround, and transaction audit log. 
  • Full access to platforms in the event our clients wish to conduct transaction activities or research a situation on their own behalf. 
  • Joint use of our TRIMSNet and d-Request platforms by many clients' business offices to collect and deliver medical records and Disability Forms to payers.


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Medical Records (ROI) Outsourcing


eRequest LLC adapts its outsourcing workflow and procedures to represent those ROI policies set forth by the Provider. All fulfillment and billable issues are determined prior to commencing service to avoid any conflicts later on.  eRequest LLC and its Provider clients balance each of their responsibilities to each other to achieve harmony with the patient community and third party Requestors.  The goal is to insulate the Provider from nuisance phone calls and emails and any potential compliance issues.  Providers can elect, at any time, to transition from outsourcing to in-house processing using the TRIMSNet platform or adopt a hybrid mixture of both.


Medical Records (ROI) Outsourcing

For Healthcare Providers, a key administrative decision is whether to perform ROI functions in-house or to outsource. Providers that perform ROI in-house retain the fulfillment fees derived from processing requests for themselves. Providers that outsource their ROI offload the labor and administrative overhead of ROI processing.

Discerning Healthcare Providers choose us as their ROI outsource service company for these reasons:

  • Same-day turnaround of requests for medical records
  • Unfettered access to TRIMSNet processing platform to evaluate our performance at any time
  • Awareness of all ROI fee revenue intake to formulate fair revenue sharing 
  • Complementary e-Request and d-Request platforms, enabling patients to order medical records and submit disability forms from any digital device at their convenience
  • Option to transition from outsourcing to in-house processing or vice versa to enjoy respective benefits
  • No contract obligation
  • 24 X 7 patient support - "we’re there for them when you can’t be"





Disability Forms Outsourcing


As your service provider in Disability/FMLA Forms completion, our highly trained staff ensures that you enjoy a reduction in form processing time, patient foot traffic, and patient phone calls. We provide a consumer opportunity for your patient community to use the d-Request portal to submit, pay for, and securely access their completed forms from any digital device, with no app required. This digital intake innovation dramatically increases patient satisfaction by streamlining the process. We send automatic form status alerts to your patients by text messaging and/or email to keep them updated; we also respond same-day to patient inquiries and communicate with insurance companies and employers to close the loop. Together, we take care of your patients.

  • 24-hour turnaround of FMLA forms
  • Automatic routing of complex forms to appropriate staff
  • Constant progress alerts to update patients during form processing
  • Automatic fax, mail or email distribution of forms to 3rd parties per patient directive
  • Complete audit trail of all forms processing activity
  • Report library for revenue and processing monitoring
  • 24 X 7 patient support - "we’re there for them when you can’t be"

24 x 7 Electronic Storefront for Disability Patients


On average, over seventy percent (70%+) of our Provider-clients’ patient communities submit their Disability/FMLA forms online through the d-Request patient portal. Patients appreciate the convenience of being able to submit a form without having to mail it, fax it, or drive to the Provider’s office. After all, patients are consumers accustomed to ordering services and products via the internet. With d-Request, patients use any digital device they wish—without needing to download an app—and are constantly updated by text/email on the progress of their form.