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Responding to CMS Audits Has Never Been Easier

eRequest LLC helps you cut through your paperwork so you can get back to running your practice:


Upload Documentation

1) Upload Documentation with our Intuitive Web Application

  • Choose a recipient and enter patient/claim information
  • Drag and drop the files to send
  • Click submit and you are done!

No CDs to burn or pages to print, and the eRequest software runs in your web browser so there's no software to download and install.

Upload Documentation

2) Get Receipt Confirmation and Know Your Documents Arrived On Time

Get status updates by email or text when your submission is accepted by the esMD Gateway and picked up by the Review Contractor. On average, submissions by esMD are accepted in less than five minutes. eRequest esMD takes the guesswork out of meeting your deadlines.

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3) Keep Track of ADR Due Dates and Responses At a Glance

With the eMDR system,* you can receive your ADR letters and responses electronically. Say goodbye to paper filing systems, spreadsheet wrangling, and lost letters.

*Available Q3 2018.



eRequest esMD meets or exceeds all HIPAA and HITRUST standards for maintaining the security and privacy of medical records. 


eRequest LLC is a CMS-approved Health Information Handler authorized to offer esMD Gateway services to providers. 


Documentation sent through eRequest esMD always arrives, so no more worrying about CDs and paper records being lost in the mail. 


Submit ADR responses to all Medicare contractors--MACs, RACs, ZPICs, UPIC, CERT, and QIOs--as well as level 1 and 2 appeals and PAs. 

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    Pay only $5/patient chart plus $.01 per chart page with a minimum monthly subscription fee of $125.00. Chart and page fees accrue against the minimum monthly subscription fee. No long-term contracts and a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee.